2016 University contest

2016 University contest

BCF is currently having our annual University Contest awarding a complete Easi-Scan ultrasound kit to the winner. That’s a value just under $14,000. A prize this good can’t simply be given away. We expect a little sweat.
Take a look at the competitors:

The Jist

Our University Contest included two parts. The first being five days of daily challenges for each team to complete. Second is our notorious video competition.

The details

Part 1

Teams were asked to complete one challenge every day from Monday, September 26 – Friday, September 30. Challenges varied each day, so they had to expect the unexpected.

The tasks included:

Monday: Ultrasound image with identification of fetal sex

Tuesday: Send a selfie with a farm animal

Wednesday: Article- Craziest experience on a farm

Thursday: Selfie with university mascot       

Friday: Article on why it is important to be able to us an
ultrasound machine

The teams were emailed the challenge at 8:00 a.m. central time and were expected to submit the completed challenge by 11:59 p.m. central time the same day. We shipped each team an Easi-Scan ultrasound kit to be properly equipped for the challenges.

Part 2

Each team was asked to create a 1-2 minute video. There were two important rules, don’t go over two minutes and most importantly, have fun! They had from Monday, September 26 – Friday, October 7 to submit their video.

How they can win

The winner will be chosen by completing both part 1 and part 2 of the competition. Part 1 will be judged by the number of challenges completed, the best being 5 challenges completed.

Part 2 will be open to online voting, meaning your friends, family, even your dentist can help your team win by voting for your video.

Ready to vote?

Make sure to be ready for the voting starting Monday October 10, 2016 until October 30, 2016 by midnight. If you vote from a computer click here. If you vote from a mobile device click here for voting.